We are a high-tech company, the first among
Russian producers and sellers of cheese.
Every family chooses and loves us.

“Sirobogatov Private Cheese Dairies” is a recognized leader in the Ural region cheese market, now we are well known far beyond the Urals. Our cheese is successfully presented in many cities of Russia and the countries of the former CIS.

We are a team of professionals united by common values, we produce delicious, high-quality and healthy cheese with pleasure, pride and love.

We have achieved impressive results
thanks to the same principles:

Consistently high quality
production and control
each stage

Introducing advanced
production technologies and

Team of professionals,
improving knowledge and

Optimal Portfolio
brands - for successful
business of our partners

We have come a long way in becoming a business, and
today we are confidently leading the federal market

  • 2020 year

    Launch of a line for the production of cheeses in the form of cylinders. Launch of oil production line. Launch of production of new brands "Orlovskie syry" and "King of cheeses".
  • 2019 year

    Opening of a plant for the production of semi-hard and hard cheeses in the city of Orel
  • 2018 year

    Restyling of the entire line of "Sirobogatov" Expansion of the line of processed cheeses - С зеленью, For soup with onions 2017
  • 2017 year

    Restyling of the Sweet line Expansion of the line of processed cheeses - Cheese King, Light
  • 2016 year

    Processed product "Fietta" in trays 200 g and 400 g Curd cheese "Sirobogatov" in trays 140 g Tan, Airan "Fresh brand" Restyling of trays 200 g processed cheese "Sirobogatov" (adding a food zone) Restyling and expansion of the range of butter "Sirobogatov" 200 g
  • 2015 year

    Condensed milk Svezhaya Marka Rennet cheeses in a flow pack Sirobogatov 250 g Sliced rennet cheeses Sirobogatov 150 g
  • 2014 year

    Processed product with Fresh Mark cheese in circles 130 g Processed product with Fresh Mark cheese in slices 130 g Processed product with Fresh Mark cheese in foil 80 g Fresh Mark butter Sausage cheese Sirobogatov Sausage product with Svezhaya Marka Pickled cheeses "Sirobogatov" (Chechil, Balykovy, Kosa)
  • 2013 year

    Flavored processed cheese "Sirobogatov" in toasts 130 g Small fixed package 200 g "Sirobogatov", "Fresh Mark" Processed product with cheese "Fresh Mark" in a tray 80 g Processed product "Plavia" in trays 180 g and 80 g Processed product " Plavia" in foil 70 g Rebranding of labels for small packages of rennet cheeses "Sirobogatov"
  • 2012 year

    Rebranding of the trade mark "Sirobogatov" - to "Private cheese factories" Sirobogatov" Flavored processed cheese "Sirobogatov" in trays 200 g Flavored processed cheese "Sirobogatov" in circles 130 g Flavored processed cheese "Sirobogatov" in foil 80 g
  • 2011 year

    Large packaging of rennet cheeses "Sirobogatov" Small non-fixed packaging "Siyrobogatov" and "Lubimaya Evropa" Processed cheeses "Druzhba" and "Yantar" "Sirobogatov" 200 g and 400 g
  • 2010 year

    Butter "Sirobogatov" Processed cheese "Sirobogatov" 85 g