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Sirobogatov trademark cheese

Cheese brand "Sirobogatov" - our calling card, our pride! We conduct a thorough quality control of each type of cheese, and only the most deserving ones fall under the Sirobogatov brand.

These are the cheeses in which we gladly invest our energy, love, and time. New modern packaging, a high level of brand awareness, excellent taste of each piece - this is the guarantee of success!

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Король сыров

Korol Syrov

Incredibly tasty, exceptionally real, creamy to the limit. We are proud of our new brand - this is undoubtedly the benchmark among cheeses of this level.

"Korol Syrov" - the most natural premium cheese. We make it at our own factory in the city of Orel from selected milk from local farms.

Another fundamental feature - we do not cut this cheese! Each cylinder ripens separately, it is a mini-head of cheese that goes through all the stages of birth and aging of cheese in its shape! The taste and aroma of such a product has a qualitatively different level!

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Svezhaya Marka

Svezhaya Marka is one of our favorite brands! Everything in it speaks of freshness, and not only of the product itself, but also of the freshness of the perception of life! The quality of the product will satisfy the most demanding consumers!

Fresh taste, fresh look of the packaging set the buyer on a positive attitude towards the product!

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Сыр свежая марка


"Plavia" is a budget brand under which we produce melted products with well-known names - "Orbita", "Druzhba", "City", etc.

This is a brand for buyers who know how to create the right diet for themselves and their families, even on a modest budget. The low price of the product is due to the fact that we minimized production costs, but at the same time retained its taste and usefulness.

The line includes processed products packed in briquettes and trays. With a variety of flavors, the product can meet the needs of most buyers.

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